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If you can’t go outside – go within: how mindful habits can improve your life quality July 4, 2020

Our Top 3 mindful habits

mindful habits

Even though the lockdown has eased, some of you will still have to self-isolate or feel that you are not quite ready. It’s been over three months already, so we understand that things can get tough, especially now when some of are about to enjoy their first drink at the local pub or go for a meal. But we’ve got your back! here’s one piece of advice: if you can’t go outside – go within.  We’re not talking about diving into deep meditation for days but about small mindful habits that can improve the quality of your life!

Here are some tips on how you can explore that…

Wild Thing glass1. Begin your day in the right way by……. no, not having a cup of fragrant coffee! But with a glass of warm water with lemon and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Not only it will hydrate your body and refresh your sleepy mind but it will also clean & prepare your stomach for the most important meal of the day – breakfast! What perfect way to indulge than with our fun Wild Thing glass

2. If you haven’t picked up a running habit just yet, don’t worry, there are lots of other ways you can nurture your body and mind at the same time. We’d like to share a couple of our favourite yoga and meditation practices to give you some inspiration and motivation to develop these mindful habits!

  • Yoga with Adriene is a great Youtube channel for beginners, as she takes you on a journey, step-by-step to mastering the movements of your body and connecting it to the mind.
  • 6 Phase meditation is a brilliant 20min meditation on envisioning your perfect day, expressing gratitude and forgiveness – a quick and efficient recipe for a successful day.

3. One of the most influential mindful habits is writing a journal. It not only allows you to express your deepest feelings and emotions but also is a great way to express gratitude. Because it opens up your world for much more of what you are grateful for! It’s also an amazing practice to look back at the pages in a month or a years time to see how far you have progressed.  Treat yourself with one of our journals and start your journey to mindfulness.

mindful habits journals


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More than a lifestyle gifts boutique July 1, 2020

Hello to our lovely Source community!



Considering everything that has been going on lately, we’ve had some time to think not only about the new ideas for the store and our customers but also dive deeper into our foundations of what Source is all about. We’ve reached a unanimous decision which is source is more than a lifestyle gifts boutique. And we’d like to share it with you!

We still stay strong behind the idea that thoughtful, sweet and sometimes quirky gifts bring people together. Whether it’s a sign of affection, a gesture of care, or a moment of self-love. Who wouldn’t like our cute animal plant pots, a funny bath mat or scented candles? But we’d also like to share with you our mission, vision and our values, so you know what we stand for.

Our mission…

is to build a mindful and creative community by bringing everyone together with smart and original gifts.

Our vision…

is to be the place to go to when you don’t exactly know what you want – but always know that you’ll leave with something you exactly wanted.

Our values…

are community, creativity, personality, honesty, generosity, youthfulness, kindness, sense of humour and gratitude to all of our amazing customers that have kept us going whether they be new to source or have shopped with us for up to 18 years!

lifestyle gifts boutique values

Why we’re more than a lifestyle gifts boutique

So, less talking – more doing! To show you that we’re not just an amazing lifestyle gift boutique, we’ll be more engaged in the topics relevant to you – our present and future customers. We’ll ask you questions and, more importantly, listen. We’ll write about the things that you care about in our weekly blogs, sharing tips, ideas, recipes, best London Source deals, and special offers we are promoting.

Also, keep an eye on our social media profiles for some motivation, fun competitions, and daily updates on life here at Source Lifestyle in South Woodford East London!

Stay tuned and stay safe x

P.S. If you want to get all the latest deals and be kept up to date with our weekly posts, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter . Sign up to our list now and we’ll email you a 10% promocode for use with your first order online.


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Love Yourself All Year Round February 16, 2019

The annual tradition of Valentine’s Day is over for another year. We most certainly hope you had a beautiful love-fuelled day!

Here at Source, we firmly believe that with 365 days in a single year to add a touch of love and magic into our lives, why stop with Valentine’s Day?

Whether it’s love for yourself or others, we’ve selected some of our products to help you keep the loving feeling all year round.

Love Neon Light

Love Neon Light (£63.50)

Light up your home all year round with this Love Neon Light which we have from Talking Tables. We love this gloriously neon pink light to illuminate your walls and sweet addition to any home. It’s plug-and-play with this piece and super-easy to assemble.


Yvonne Ellen Cup and Saucer

Zebra Cup and Saucer (£20)

A sip of something special in this delightful little teacup and saucer can have you feeling as though you’re stepping into another era. We love Yvonne Ellen’s zebra design, the contrasting retro style saucer with blue polka dots, the signature bee illustrations, all set on a white background and edged with a classy gold rim.

Happy Embroidered Pom Pom Cushion

Happy Cushion (£36.50)

Add a bit of joy into your home with this ‘Happy’ embroidered pom pom cushion. We love the bright cheer this brings; with two pom poms for every corner, there’s double the happiness.


Bear Art Print - Heather Alstead Design (£25)

Bear Art Print (£25)

This adorable A3 framed bear print is one of many in the ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ range, by Heather Alstead Design. This simple bear illustration with a single red heart offers a simple, nostalgia-inducing piece that can easily appeal to so many of your loved ones, that’s if you don’t choose to nab it for yourself first.


Happy Necklace - Big Metal London

Happy Gold Necklace (£12.50)

There’s nothing quite like an affirmation around your neck in the form of a delicate, ‘Happy’ gold-tone necklace by Big Metal London. This beautifully crafted piece has small gold beads on the chain, and we love it! You can wear it with just about anything.


Thank You Scented Diffuser by Thomas Street

Thomas Street Room Diffusers (£20)

Our best-selling scent from the Thomas Street diffuser range is the ‘Thank You’. This elegant fragrance has a 12-week life, and contains the scent of bright hyacinth and shaded bluebells combines with white jasmine and lily of the valley. A great gift all year round – share the love!


We’ve plenty more treats sourced from far and wide; specially selected just for you all. With many more finds coming very soon. Keep those eyes peeled. And don’t forget to love yourself all year round.

Why not sign up to our newsletter to keep up with the latest news. Happy shopping guys!


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One Hundred Stars Paris Kimono July 21, 2018

This summer, kimonos are a must have for an effortless boho chic look. The One Hundred Stars Paris Kimono will keep you stylish from a busy daytime to a relaxed night out.

This fab Short Kimono has large 3/4 sleeves and a gorgeous print of a retro inspired Paris map that makes the perfect cover up for summer and early autumn season.

As worn on Mama Mia 2 the Paris Map Short Kimono is also a great layering piece for your summer holidays.

Its one size fits all. You can now buy online the Star Paris Kimono £40 with Free UK Delivery.

Click here for more information.

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A Crazy Christmas Bauble Bonanza December 13, 2017

We have been slowly gearing up to Christmas and with it our excitement has increased too! The main reason for our excitement is our collection of baubles and Christmas tree ornaments, because this year we have some real treasures, and here is the roundup of our favourites.

Dalmatian Christmas Bauble - Buy Online UK

Just look at this little fella who’s got himself wrapped in some Christmas lights. Find the Christmas Dalmatian Bauble here.

fries bauble

But if you’re looking for something a bit more quirky to put on your tree then this French Fries bauble should do the trick! Find this one here.

Llama Knitted Chistmas Decoration - Free UK Delivery

Or if you’re looking for a festive friend but dogs aren’t exactly your thing, then why not treat your tree to this Llama knitted Christmas tree decoration from Meri Meri? Find this little one here.

Velvet Letter Box Christmas Decoration

London Bus Christmas Ornament from Gisela Graham

London Taxi Christmas Decoration

Or if you’re looking to pay homage to one of the greatest cities on Earth then why not snap yourself up one of these London themed beauties by Gisela Graham. You can find the Postbox here, the London Bus here, and the Black Cab here.

Meri Meri Angel Tree Decoration - Free UK Delivery

And lastly but not least, you all need a Angel to go on top of the tree, so why not this knitted one from Meri Meri, its adorable and gold! Find this little one here.


So that’s it for our roundup of our favourite Christmas Baubles, we hope you find one you like!


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Prosecco Pong Discount – Now £10 December 1, 2017

Now that Christmas is around the corner, Prosecco Pong is the perfect drinking game for a special evening with friends or family.

Prosecco Pong - £12.50 Free UK Delivery

Talking Tables Prosecco Pong

The rules are easy :  Two teams stand  opposite a long table and line up the prosecco glasses filled with your favourite fizzy drink.

Each player takes it in turns to throw a ping pong ball with the aim of getting it in your opponent’s cup.

If the ball lands in the cup, your opponent has to drink the prosecco. This game is finished until one team has lost all of their glasses. The winner is the one that has glasses left.

prosecco pong slider

The drinking game from Talking Tables includes everything you need to get the party started. Twelve plastic prosecco glasses and three ping pong balls.

If you are a prosecco lover or you know someone else who would love this party game we now offer a Prosecco Pong Discount. 20% off and Free UK Delivery. Use Discount Code : prosecco20

The offer is limited so hurry up!

Click here for our Special Offer.


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Slippers To Keep Those Toes Warm October 27, 2017

Not sure about you, but every time the cold season comes round again I get searching for a new pair of slippers to keep my feet nice and warm.

Here are our three favourites from the shop at the moment.

P1000602 Fotor

The two pairs on the left are from Ruby and Ed, if you haven’t heard of this brand, well you should as they are known for making some of the cutest slippers around.

But I think the pair on the right are the real special ones. These are handmade, so each pair is slightly different and I think that’s half the beauty, but to be honest, the massive faux fur lining is a massive appeal too (as who doesn’t love faux fur lining?)

You can find these slippers over on our shop.

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Prosecco Pong is the Coolest Drinking Game of the Summer July 29, 2017

Spice up your summer with the new drinking game from Talking Tables Prosecco Pong.

The games rules are similar to beer pong but with prosecco. We know it’s a great idea for all those fizzy lovers out there!

Prosecco Pong - Buy Online UK Free UK Delivery

Prosecco Pong by Talking Tables – Free UK Delivery from Source

The game from Talking Tables includes everything you need to get the party started. Twelve plastic prosecco glasses and three ping pong balls.

For a classy summer prosecco pong night we suggest you to try the Zardetto Prosecco Brut, the Mionetto Luxury Prosecco and the Martini Sparkling Prosecco.

To Buy Online the new drinking game click here.

We offer Free UK Delivery and 10% off your 1st order after you subscribe to our newsletter.


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Our Top Pick of Unicorn Inspired Gifts July 20, 2017

A wise man once said “Life is always better when there is a Unicorn around” and this season luckily the magical beast is everywhere. Here at Source Lifestyle we have dedicated ourselves to ensure we are bringing you the best Unicorn gifts on the market. Here is our favourite Top 10 Pick: Read more ›

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Our Top Ten Pick of Flamingo Inspired Gifts This Summer July 4, 2017

Forget what the Chinese calendar says this is the year of the Flamingo! We are loving our pink feathered friends this summer and you can find them on a wide variety of our products this season. Here is our favourite Top 10 Pick of Flamingo Inspired Gifts. Read more ›

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Catherine Colebrook Quirky Wash Bags Rock! February 28, 2017

Catherine Colebrook Quirky Wash bags are great if you are looking for a sassy and stylish way to store your toiletries.

They are funny and have a great design with lovely glitter or metallic details for a hint of glam.

The Catherine Colebrook wahs bags are perfect for taking on holiday with you or for tidying up your lotions and potions at home.

We stock four different designs: The Pretty Hot , Red Lips, Make Mine a Gin and Make Mine a Prosecco.


For more gift ideas take a look at our website.

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Christmas Gifts Special Offer – 20% OFF and Free UK Delivery on Everything December 2, 2016

Christmas Gifts Special Offer 2016 – Use Discount Code : santa16

Get your Christmas gifts now with 20% off and free p&p on all online orders.

Discover a lovely range of unique items – from gorgeous little treats and stock fillers to thoughtful gift ideas for your family and that special someone.

Christmas Gifts Special Offer

                                                                   Christmas Gifts Special Offer 

Hurry Up! Offer ends on December 7.







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Add a Touch of Magic with Adorable Christmas Decorations November 17, 2016

Decorating your house for Christmas can be almost as much fun as opening presents on Christmas day. We have a collection of adorable Christmas decorations to fill your house with Christmas joy and create a festive and cosy environment – perfect for those cold December evenings

Light Up Tree Lamp by Parlane £25 Free p&p Buy Now

Light Up Tree Lamp by Parlane – Buy Now £25 with Free UK Delivery

Bring a touch of warmth with the beautiful LED Tree Lamp by Parlane. This eye-catching Light Up Decoration makes a stylish twist to LED Christmas Decorations and it is elegant enough to keep it in the house all year long.

The LED Tree Lamp is also a lovely decorating idea for your kid’s bedroom.


Christmas Plaque with LED lights - It's the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas Plaque with LED lights – It’s the most wonderful time of the year Buy Now Free UK Delivery

Andy William’s classic Christmas song is quoted on this light grey plaque, with the words It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year printed onto it.The plaque is then lit up by LED bulbs and framed with natural wood. This is perfect for hanging on the wall of your living room or sitting above the fireplace.

La de da Living created two festive scented candles with delicious aromas and cool quotes on the front of the tin. For the Gin lovers the ‘Merry Gin and a Tonic New Year’  candle it’s just a perfect gift idea- as for the Champagne lovers we have the ‘Merry Prosecco and a Champagne New Year’

Gin Christmas La de da Candle by La De Da Living brought to you this Christmas by Source. Buy Online Now

Gin Christmas Candle by La De Da Living brought to you this Christmas by Source.


Add a dash or retro charm with the lovingly nostalgic Deer Christmas Decoration by Temerity Jones.

The Bambi inspired Christmas deer comes packaged in a vintage Christmas illustrated box making it the perfect gift to children and adults alike. There is also the Family version with Mother deer and her two little deer.


The Light Up Glass Dome with a Wonderland Scene is a beautifully crafted ornament that looks striking in any room. Inside the glass dome is a winter scene featuring an LED lit – influenced by the glass domes of the Victorian era.


Light up your mantelpiece with the cute Christmas Jar Light by Parlane. The jar is made of frosted glass, with a Christmas scene imprinted onto it.

The Disco ball fairy lights are a great Xmas decorating idea for those who are looking for a fun twist to the traditional Christmas fairy lights. These are also ideal for the New Year’s gatherings and ‘boogie’ nights in.

You can find more Inspiring Christmas Decorations on our Christmas Collection or you can read our blog about Quirky Christmas Light Decorations for a a unique and personal festive touch in your house.

Source Lifestyle

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Quirky Christmas Lights November 8, 2016

This Christmas make a statement with our Quirky Christmas Lights. From Cool Light Signs to Elegant Light Up Christmas Figures we have a lovely range of unusual light decorations for a personal festive touch in your house.

LED Christmas Figures - Angel. Star and Tree

   LED Christmas Figures – Angel. Star and Tree

Read more ›

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Birthday Party Decorations April 28, 2016

From dazzling birthday party decorations to delightful tableware we gathered a few cool birthday festive ideas so you can throw a party to remember.

This dazzling Happy Birthday Banner  with Gold Balloon Letters is perfect for birthday parties. You don’t need any helium for the balloon letters – you just inflate them with a straw and then hang it! Both the straw and the ribbon are provided. For more info just click here.

Happy Birthday Balloon Decorations - Buy Online, uk

                                                 Happy Birthday Balloon Decorations

These adorable Ice Lolly Lights are great for spring and summer birthday parties and as they are battery operated you can use them both indoors and outdoors. There are ten Ice lolly lights in pink, yellow and orange producing a soft warm glow – perfect for creating a party atmosphere in your backyard. To Buy it Online click here.

Ice Lolly Lights - Buy Online, UK

                                                        Ice Lolly Lights by Talking Tables

We have two more lovely battery operated lights – the white pom pom lights and the neon pom pom lights by Pom Pom Galore.  Made from a garland of LED lights decorated with woolen pom poms in white colour or multicoloured neon – the lovely lights are an affordable way to jazz up your birthday party.

To Make Your Own Bunting for party decorations we have a bunting with all the letters of the alphabet, along with a star and a heart  in glitter letters so you can create your own personalised party decor.

Make Your Own Bunting - Buy Online UK

                                                    Make Your Own Bunting by Meri Meri

For adding a touch of retro glam to your birthday party the Flamingo Lamp  and the Cocktails & Dancing Light Up Sign are just perfect.  And if you want to add a bit of cheekiness to the atmosphere the Get Lucky Light will do the job!

Flamingo LIight - Buy Online, UK

                                         Flamingo lamp – Free UK Delivery

Get Lucky Light Up Sign by Temerity Jones
For the Alice in Wonderland fans or those who would like to add a touch or retro style to their party table we have two very cute products by Talking Tables. The Truly Alice Cardboard Cakestand from the Alice in Wonderland range is a delightful way to show off your cupcakes, canapés and mini sandwiches and makes a great centre piece for your birthday party. We also stock the Truly Alice miniature cake domes from the same range – the perfect finishing touch for decorating your cupcakes.

Mini Cake Domes for cup cakes, buy online UK

                                                  Alice in Wonderland Mini Cake Domes

For more home decoration ideas for your dinners, parties and events take a look at our homeware collection.


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Star Sign Mugs by Jane Foster April 7, 2016

You don’t have to believe in stars signs to love these mugs. What we mostly love in Jane Foster’s star sign mugs is her unique signature design.

Jane Foster’s zodiac mugs have wonderful illustrations and lovely bold colours to brighten up your cuppa.  The porcelain star sign mugs by Jane Foster are inspired by 60’s Scandinavian style and are available in all 12 symbols – each having an original illustration and a few personality characteristics of every zodiac.

To take a look at the different designs of all 12 mugs just click here.


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Mugs with Initials by Bombay Buck March 16, 2016

There might be a few mugs with initials in the market but the new alphabet mugs by Bombay Duck are really special! They have a wonderful design with polkadots and a retro twist making them the perfect little gift for your beloved ones. Read more ›

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Hand stamped Valentines Spoons February 4, 2016

If you are looking for something more than red roses and teddy bears for Valentines we have a cute collection of unique hand stamped Valentines Spoons for your other half.

Our hand stamped Valentines Spoons by La de da make the perfect little gift for Valentines because are different, sweet and hand stamped with inspirational quotes.

Our La de da spoons collection includes the You are BeauTEAful teaspoon, the I’m Yours – You’re mine set of two teaspoons, the You are my Sunshine spoon, the Coffee, tea or me hand stamped with a little heart and the Fifty shades of earl grey teaspoon.


You are Beauteaful Spoon by La de da - Valentines Gifts 2016

You are Beauteaful Spoon by La de da – Hand stamped Valentines Gifts

If you are one of those are planning to pop the big question on Valentines days we have some great proposal gift ideas by La de da.

For more Valentines Gift ideas just click at our Valentines Collection or  why not check our Gifts Collection to get more inspiration.

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Hidden Animal Mugs by Disaster Designs January 24, 2016

The hidden animal mugs by Disaster Designs can be great way to surpise and delight your tea party guests.

The cute animals sit in the bottom of the cup just waiting to reveal while your guests sip away.  We have four different surprise animal cups & saucers :

the owl cup and saucer in grey

the kitty cup and saucer in pink

the dog cup and saucer in mint

and the bunny cup and saucer in yellow

All cups are made from porcelain and they feature gold metallic polkadots and matching saucers that read tea o’ clock.

The hidden animal mugs make a fab gift idea to all the tea or coffee lovers who appreciate beautiful tableware with a quirky touch.

Animal surpise mugs can also make breakfast fun for the little ones and bring big smiles with every sip of their milk.

To shop online the hidden animal mugs just click at our online tableware collection. http://www.sourcelifestyle.com/collections/home-accessories/tableware/

We are currently having Free UK Delivery plus 10% OFF your first order.




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Carnival Light Up Letters – Special Offer January 11, 2016

We welcome the new year with an amazing offer. Our collection of Carnival Light Up Letters from £50 are now down to 30£.

Carnival Lights Letters are great for adding a personal touch to your house. They are also perfect for parties and weddings.

Carnival Light Up Letters - Discount

Carnival Llights: Were £50 Now £30

Carnival Light Up Letters are made of steel with low voltage LED lights that are long lasting.

Carnival Lights Letters - Special Offer

Carnival Lights Letters – Special Offer

The offer is valid only for collection in one of our two shops in London. To check for stock availability you can give us a call at  020285056697 or you can email us at info@sourcelifestyle.com.

For more amazing light decorations that are also available online click here.

6 Market Street
E1 6DT

227 High Road
South Woodford
E18 2PB

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Christmas Sales – Great Gifts for Everyone December 16, 2015

We have Christmas Sales at Source for your last minute Christmas Shopping.

Discover a great range of gift ideas for the whole family – all 20% OFF and with Free UK Delivery.

Just click here to take a look at our fabulous gifts ideas.

With our 20% discount + free UK delivery it is also a great chance to complement your gift list with some cute gift ideas for the whole family and find great deals for Christmas decorations.

The Source Lifestyle Discount Code is Santa20 for our Christmas Sales but hurry up! Offer ends 18th December at midnight.


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Secret Santa Gifts – Buy Online UK December 8, 2015

Looking for Secret Santa gifts without breaking the bank? We have some great gift ideas especially for Secret Santa with amazing prices.

If you are looking for gifts under £5 a lovely idea is our alphabet ceramic coasters. The alphabet coasters are only £4 each and make a thoughtful little gift – perfect for Secret Santa.

We also have a cute range of old school badges by Wild & Wolf for different occasions. To buy them online just click at the following links.

head gardener badge

drinks monitor badge

head chef badge

yummy mummy badge

For a touch of gold sparkle, the glitter jar by Talking tables is a perfect gift idea and it costs only £5.

The yummy bath salts cocktail might not be for drinking but they will cheer you up equally and make super cute gifts for Santa Secret. We have three different flavours: Gin and Tonic cocktail bath salts, crushed lime mojito bath salts and pink fizz by Bath house.

We also have a lovely range of books from £5 that have been selling like hot cakes.
cool gift ideas - buy online UK

You will find our range of books in our collection Gifts from £5 to £10.

To discover our full collection of secret santa ideas just click ta the follwing links

Gifts From £5 – £10

Gifts under £5

Gifts from £10 to 20£

Gifts for her

Gifts for him

Gifts for kids

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Quirky Christmas Decorations – Free UK Delivery December 5, 2015

Tired of the traditional baubles and fairy lights for this Christmas? We have a selection of quirky Christmas Decorations and hanging tree ornaments to decorate your house in a playful and unique style for this Xmas. Read more ›

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Black Friday Sales - Buy Online, UK

Black Friday has come earlier this year with a great deal – 20% OFF on all online orders plus FREE UK Delivery. Read more ›

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Carnival Lights Star – Free Delivery to UK November 16, 2015

Carnival Lights Star makes the perfect decoration for Christmas. It is festive, stylish and creates a lovely warm light that adds a cosy Christmassy feel to the space. Read more ›

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