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Spring recipes

Best seasonal produce: Spring recipes and more

Spring is here and it’s time to fully embrace the season of awakening – with some in-season recipes!

It’s that time of the year, wherever you buy your fruit and veg you will see some amazing Spring produce! By choosing ingredients that are naturally in season, you will get fresher, sweeter and perfectly ripe produce that tastes better. This enhances the meals you prepare and ensures you don’t end up with spoilt, impaired produce that has been kept refrigerated for months whilst it is transported from country to country.

To take advantage of freshly grown fruit and veggies, here are some delicious seasonal food and Spring recipes:


Apricots are a great source of many antioxidants and rich in vitamins, while low in calories at the same time. It’s the perfect food for a healthy human body, but we don’t use this fruit as much as we should. Besides making a jam and snacking on them (dried or fresh) they are a great addition to a salad. Grilling apricots brings out their sweetness and adds a delicious smokey flavour. Here is a delicious salad recipe made with grilled apricots and burrata!

Credi: Dave Lauridsen


We’re lucky enough to find all sort of foods in our supermarkets all year round – but there’s something special about fresh, British asparagus! Asparagus is packed full of goodness: it contains vitamin K, essential for healthy blood clotting. Here you can find out more about our lovely British asparagus, as well as many yummy recipes. Our favourite is mushroom and asparagus risotto!

Food photo created by jcomp –

Spring Greens

Spring greens might not be the most exciting star of the meal but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great addition to it! As Eatseasonably suggests, below is a really quick brunch

“Spring bubble and squeak for brunch—try frying an onion in a non-stick pan until soft, then add cooked shredded cabbage and cooked crushed potatoes and fry until brown and crusty underneath. Turn over and brown the other side. Delicious with smoked bacon and a poached egg. “


One of my favourites is Rhubarb Crumble, and for most would be the first dessert you would think of with Rhubarb. It’s a very versatile dessert fruit.  Rhubarb is also an excellent addition to preserves, sauces and jams. It’s low in cholesterol and sodium, keeps the body cleansed and offers a good source of dietary fibre, vitamins C and K, calcium, potassium and more. Its tang can be converted into a complex, sweet and acidic flavour used in both desserts and savoury dishes. Check out a fresh rhubarb pie recipe here.

Food photo created by user13763324 –

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