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Home decor: how to make your home a happy space

Home decor: how to make your home a happy place

Now more than ever, we’re investing in our home space to make it a happy place.

But, perhaps, what we need isn’t more of investments but to know the inexpensive secrets that would brighten up not only the rooms but also the atmosphere! Simple details such as nature-inspired colours, hanging mirrors or houseplants can shift the mood and make any home a place where you can feel happy and safe. All you need is a little bit of imagination!

We could think of at least 5 simple home decor tricks that won’t require lots of money:

Invite nature into your home with nature-inspired colours

If you’re about to buy a new couch and planning to go with the good-old grey or charcoal colour, consider making this piece of furniture the star of the room, defining the mood of your entire house! How? Instead of grey, a jungle-green sofa or perhaps sunny yellow. If bright furniture isn’t something to your taste – bright decorative pillows can make a statement, too.

Create an indoor oasis with the magic of house plants

Jungle vibes home happy space
Photo by Alp Duran on Unsplash

House plants not only look nice but they also have their own energies and various healing properties. You can play it in different ways: either having a plant-dedicated corner where you create a mini jungle or finding a special plant for each room. Read more about houseplants and how different types have different properties in our blog here.

Bring magic to your doorstep with fairy lights

Fairy lights even the darkest corner of the house can turn into a happy place! Combine it with your indoor jungle, comfy armchair and a great book – could there be anything better!

Welcome the sunshine into your home

Britain is known as the country where it always rains. But did you know that London gets 325 days of sunshine a year? That’s more than plenty! So, make sure to welcome that sunshine – open the curtains and if the temperature allows, open the windows and let that fresh air in. It’s great for air circulation and also a good way to get rid of any stuck bad energy.

Home decor: sunshine makes your home a happy place
Photo by Rob Wingate on Unsplash

Expand that space with the power of mirrors!

Yes – mirrors are not only for admiring your beautiful self but they’re also great way to decorate the walls and expand the room space. After all, more that happy place is always a good thing.

Last but not least – enriching your home with original home decor details also significantly contributes to creating an environment that we truly feel good in. Go ahead and have a look at our homeware collection! It should definitely get you inspired.

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