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The Bestseller Family and the 5 sustainable fashion brands you should look out for this summer

4 Sustainable fashion brands you should look out for this Summer

Have you heard about the BESTSELLER family of sustainable fashion brands?

Founded in Denmark, the BESTSELLER family is a group of sustainable fashion brands that want to accelerate fashion’s journey towards a sustainable reality. They believe that “by countering climate change, using resources efficiently and promoting human rights, a business can be a positive force for change”. And we believe that, too.

Sustainability is key for moving forward

Sustainability isn’t just a trend it’s here to stay. However, some brands are using it as a marketing campaign. The main question to ask is how are they sustainable. So, how are BESTSELLER family brands sustainable?

The areas where the company has progressed are social labour, chemical management and the use of more sustainable materials, since their first official code of conduct in 2000. But now they’re are accelerating. Their ultimate ambition is to be…

  • Climate positive
  • Fair for all
  • Circular by design

You can read more about each aspiration on their company website here.

And for now, here are the 4 sustainable fashion brands that can be found in our womenswear section that are a part of the BESTSELLER family:

Vero Moda

Vero Moda was one of the first launched brands what later became the BESTSELLER family. Since 1987, VERO MODA has been demonstrating the beauty of simplicity, serving stylish women, looking for new trends and affordable prices.


YAS was founded in 2013, generally a higher price point than Vero Moda but still with a broad selection of styles. These range from everyday wear to unique occasion wear all the while keeping up with new trends. As YAS describes themselves: “it’s about bold styling pieces, the wardrobe classics and contemporary essentials”.


The three words that describe Vila are: feminine, sensual, and simple. As a result, its mission is to create feminine fashion with a focus on quality, design, and detail.


Object is more than just a clothing brand – it’s an attitude that inspires women to be themselves. It’s an approach to life, inspired by creativity and confidence. With a high focus on quality, Object clothing tells the story and inspires women to rock every outfit without compromise.

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