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Summer jewellery trends you should know about

4 Summer jewellery trends you should know about

As the country opens back up again shops, drinking, eating outside and getting a haircut are just a few of the many pleasures we get to enjoy! We can now take a bit of time and think about what we are going to wear. Whether it’s clothing, shoes or jewellery, some decisions have to be made. One of the dominating themes for summer jewellery trends is – the more, the better. Yes, now you can mix gold with silver, layer long chains with chokers and wear as many rings as you’d like. One thing that lockdown has taught us – live life to the fullest.

So, here’s the list of our 4 favourite jewellery trends for this summer.

1. Stacking rings

In the year 2021, you should definitely embrace the jewellery trend called ring stacking and make it your own. This new fashion phenomenon is all about combining several rings with each other and thus skillfully showcasing your collection and making sure that your hands don’t go unnoticed.

Ring stacking summer jewellery trends 2021
Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

2. Layering necklaces

Nothing like gold or silver plated necklaces on a tanned neck… Well, we can’t promise you a tan this summer, but we do promise that if you learn the art of layering, at least your style will be on point! Astrid&Miyu has even come up with the ultimate necklace layering lookbook that you can have a look at here. To ensure that you become a necklace layering master, we’ve gathered a great collection of necklaces that you can wear individually or layered.

3. It’s all about the colourful beads

One of the more interesting jewellery trends for 2021 is colourful beads. Brought back all the way from the 90’s, colourful bead necklaces, chokers, bracelets and phone necklaces (yes, that’s a thing too!) are here to dominate this Summer’s fashion. Loved by 90’s born celebs such as Bella and Gigi Hadid’s and Harry Styles, no wonder why this trend is the hottest one out there.

4. Pearls are back!

Another great comeback. The definition of class and sophistication in accessories made popular by the glamorous Jackie Kennedy and Coco Chanel – pearls. Nowadays, you don’t need to wear a little black dress to be able to wear your finest pearl necklace. Style it with any outfit you want. If you can’t find a pearl necklace in your mum’s jewellery box or still yet buy it yourself, get creative. Why not wear pearls in your hair?

Woman photo created by lookstudio –

Hope some of these Summer jewellery trends inspired you.

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