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Easy and delicious summer salads

3 Summer salads that will leave you wanting more

Ah, with the first days of July, Wimbledon, Football, and a heatwave on the way. We can now say that Summer has officially arrived. This is the time where we start thinking about BBQs and salad rather than heavy, hot meals that we think of more for winter. Easy and delicious, here are our three favourite summer salads with a twist!

1. The Secret Caprese salad

Everyone knows and loves the traditional Caprese salad. Because of its simple composition, the ingredients can shine. Beef tomatoes, mozzarella, and avocados must be the top three components often found on any summertime dinner table. Our secret Caprese salad has the same ingredients, only the beef tomatoes are replaced with cherry tomatoes, which are cut in half. Think summer think cherry tomatoes and why not freshen it up with some freshly cut mint leaves and basil.

2. Avocado, strawberry and spinach salad

Strawberries are the ultimate flavour of Summer, don’t you agree? As a result, every shop has an enormous display of ripe, juicy, red berries greeting shoppers as they walk in the door. And the best thing – lots of them are grown in the UK. So, if you’re slightly tired of strawberry smoothies, desserts, and garnishes, it’s about time to incorporate this berry into your summer salad.

This summer salad recipe is incredibly easy and flexible, so you can improvise and make it your own. The ingredients are… As you guessed – avocado, strawberry, and spinach! Add some finely chopped red onion, crumble in goat cheese and sprinkle chia seeds to make it truly delicious and full of protein. The perfect meal for any time of the day.

3. Feta and watermelon salad

Have you heard a saying that opposites attract? This recipe for feta and watermelon salad is the definition of this represented by food. Light, watery, fresh, and sweet watermelon combined with salty, textured, and creamy feta cheese – the perfect combination for a hot Summer’s day. Why not add some more ingredients such as cucumber and nuts.

Watermelon salad with cashew nuts and feta

Ready for a picnic?

There’s no better way to enjoy your summer salad than in a nice park, by a lively river or any other beautiful spot of nature. Summers are made for picnics and we’re well prepared for that. Have a look at our special Yvonne Ellen picnic collection and be one step ahead in your picnic game!

Yvonne ellen picnics collection for your summer salad

P.S. While you’re making your summer salad, check out this article for the top 3 natural beauty products that you can find in your kitchen. Avocado goes just as well on your face as on your plate!

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