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Coloured glassware and other Summer interior design trends 2021

Coloured glassware, body shape vases and other summer interior design trend s 2021

Explore interior design trends 2021

This summer interior design trends 2021 are all about celebrating colour, the human body and eccentricity. Below are the top homeware trends for this Summer.

Coloured glassware

Summer not only brings longer days, sunshine, and if you are lucky the smell of the sea and for most of us it lifts our mood. There is also colour everywhere in the form of plants and flowers, clothing. accessories or homeware. One of the Interior design trends for 2021 includes coloured glassware! Whether it’s vases that hold wonderful summer blooms or glassware for your favourite summer drink we have you covered. Even if you like the classic white table setting – adding coloured glassware will definitely bring your dinner table to life.

Statement vases

Whether it’s coloured glassware or a fun and colourful vase – a unique statement vase won’t go unnoticed. If you are lucky enough to have a garden then spend a few minutes picking your favourite homegrown flowers. Alternatively, visit your local florist and put your statement vase to use.

Body shape interior design details

One of the other interior design trends for 2021 is still body shapes, especially bums and other body parts. We’re not quite sure why perhaps it originates from the Greek art devotion to human shape. Either way, bum and body shapes are an interior trend you won’t want to miss. Vases and flower pots seem to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to demonstrating human body inspired art in your home. The flowers serve as a creative extension of the body shape ceramics creations which is always a fun way to decorate your home. A framed print is another great way to display body shape art. The limits of printed art are endless, so all you have to do is to pick the right one to get you inspired every time you look at it!

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