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Pantone colour palette summer 2021 blog

Pantone colour palette for Summer 2021: Burnt coral, rust and mint

What colour palette is on trend this year?

Every year, the globally recognised colour experts from Pantone LLC set the colour palette trends for the year. Spring/Summer 2021 fashion collections, including at the London and New York Fashion weeks, have demonstrated a strong connection to three particular colours: burnt coral, rust and mint.

The official Pantone descriptions for each of the top colours are as follows:

  • Rust. “An earth inspired brown emblematic of Autumn leaves uncharacteristic of a spring palette.”
Summer 2021 Panton colour palette rust colours
  • Burnt coral. “Inviting Burnt Coral expresses conviviality.”
Summer 2021 colour palette burnt coral
  • Mint. “Tasty mint refreshes and restores.”
Summer 2021 colour palette mint colours

You can read more in the article here.

Bring colour to your routine

All colours come from nature, so a colour palette is so much more. In Pantone’s words, each colour invites, restores or brings some type of emotion. Summer is the perfect time of the year to bring colours to your routine. So, we’d like to share some ideas on how you can bring rust, burnt coral and mint tones into your life.

Fashion Accessories

We all tend to wear certain colours, adding a colourful fashion accessory to an outfit can separate you from the crowd. A crossbody bag is an ideal accessory perfect for day or evening and an ideal size to keep all of your essentials. They are also a healthier bag option – they are less likely to cause any shoulder or neck issues.

  • One Hundred Stars Large Scarf - Buy Online UK
    Decadent Aqua Large Scarf | One Hundred Stars
  • Estella Bartlett Daisy Card Purse - Blush
    Estella Bartlett Daisy Card Purse – Blush
  • Sixton Green Velvet Jewellery Roll - Buy Online UK
    Green Velvet Jewellery Roll – Sixton
  • Orange Velvet Beetle Purse - Hand sewn beaded beetle on vibrant orange velvet. Buy online UK
    Orange Velvet Beetle Purse – My Doris


There is no better time to show off the colours of your wardrobe – than Summer. Floral prints have always been a classic, but this year’s rust and burnt colour shades have brought a unique twist. Various prints and nature-inspired textures are making their way to our favourite pieces of clothing. The colours for this season are perfect in stand-alone pieces or when worn with a coordinating shade.

  • Short Kimono with Stork Print - Buy Online UK
    Stork Pink Short Kimono from One Hundred Stars
  • Dressing Gown One Hundred Stars - Decadent Aqua. Purchase Online With Free UK Delivery
    Dressing Gown One Hundred Stars – Decadent Aqua
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    YAS Floral Shirt Dress


Decorating your home with colourful homeware can lift your mood and brighten the rooms in your home. Whether it’s a colourful print for the wall, a vase or even a scented candle. If you don’t want to wear the colours then express yourself in your home. A room can often only need a hint or two of colour to make it pop.

  • Eternal Optimist Candle from Aery - Buy Online UK
    Neroli Blossom Candle – Eternal Optimist from Aery
  • Pink Flamingo Vase - Buy Online UK
    Flamingo Vase – Small
  • Klevering Floral Print Medium Vase - For Sale Online With Free UK Delivery
    Klevering Floral Print Medium Vase
  • shell vase with blooms art print presented in a thin gold frame. Bring the garden into your home - buy online with free UK delivery
    Shell Vase With Blooms Art Print – Framed
  • Bum Vase With Flowers Framed Print – Max Made Me Do It
  • Giraffe Flower Vase From Quail Purchase Online With Free UK Delivery Over £20
    Giraffe Flower Vase

*The best tip for inviting rust colour into your home is to use wooden decor details.


When it comes to a diverse colour palette and tableware – Yvonne Ellen is definitely the queen. Her vintage style tableware, picnic collection, glasses and cake plates make any dinner table a work of art. Needless to say, mint and burnt coral can be found almost in every set.

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    Yvonne Ellen Picnic Plates
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    Yvonne Ellen Toucan Mug
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    Yvonne Ellen Ice Tongs
  • Carnival Elephant Teacup and Saucer - Buy Online UK
    Carnival Elephant Teacup And Saucer – Yvonne Ellen
  • Yvonne Ellen Animal Dinner Plates - Sale Online UK
    Carnival Animal Dinner Plates – Set of 4

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