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How to cope with British heatwave

Ultimate guide on how to cope with the British heatwave

The Great British heatwave is a reality and you never know when to expect it and how long it will last! However, being prepared is the key to helping you avoid sweltering days and more importantly uncomfortable nights.

Have you noticed an interesting pattern? When it’s…

33°C in Greece – it feels like 33.00 °C;

29°C in Niece – it feels like 29.00 °C

33°C in the UK- it feels like mother sun is pouring hot lava right on your soul. 

Are we being slightly overdramatic here? We don’t think so, but there might be a small chance that even scorching heat can be a pleasure if you’re well prepared for it. And we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to cope with the British heatwave.

1. Plan in advance

We’ve all heard on the radio and the news of the thousands of last-minute getaway sun-worshippers heading to the most popular beach destinations. Not only does this present the obvious health risks of overcrowding but can also lead to traffic chaos, over-heated cars, family arguments and bored children.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you try not to succumb to last-minute spontaneity. Instead, look out for hot weather reports and plan in advance. Consider targeting the less publicised coastal towns, travel off-peak, or stagger your journey by travelling on the A roads whilst taking some of our historic villages along the way.

2. Get creative.

One creative idea can be booking a slot in your local lido. Due to social-distancing measures put in place, this will need to be booked in advance. This will ensure that you feel safe whilst still enjoying the hot weather and keeping cool.

Another idea is to visit the ponds at Hampstead Heath or widen your horizons and check out wild swimming spots around the country one of which is the quiet village of Shalford. Just an hour from the centre of London – is a place of incredible natural beauty with an added bonus – a river where you can go wild swimming!

3. Stay hydrated.

Always make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. If you would like a fruit-filled healthy option be sure to fill your fridge with cooled goodies like sorbet, chilled lemon or cucumber-infused water and frozen smoothies. It’s not only a nice summer treat but it will cool you down.

Also, fill a spray bottle with fresh water and keep it in the fridge at all times! Use when needed to cool your face and body down.

4. Rise before the sun! 

Another tip we’ve got for you is… to rise early before the ball of fire!  That hour or two in the morning before the sun rises will offer some welcome respite with fresh, cool air that can be a game-changer when it comes to airing your house and your soul. Go for a run, meditate or just sit outside and enjoy the morning silence and prepare yourself for yet another day. If you have any important work to do – it’s the best time to keep your focus and patience on point, too.

5. Dresses are your best friends!

Let your body breathe! Lightweight, bright and breathable fabric dresses are the best thing to wear on a hot summer day. Source Lifestyle has you covered on this one – check out our colourful summer collection – all up to 50% off!

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