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Kew Gardens Beauty Range Photo credit: Alisa Anton

Kew Gardens Beauty Range: bring Kew Gardens into your home

Bring Kew Gardens into your home with the Kew Gardens Beauty Range.

One of the things I love to do regardless of the season is to visit Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanical Gardens with their incredible collection of living plants. With acres of green space, thousands of intriguing and wonderful plants and plenty of secret corners to get lost in, this makes up the largest and most diverse collection in the world right on our doorstep.

Kew Gardens Beauty Range
Photo credit: Doruk Yemenici

A few weeks ago, we spoke about the benefits of having plants in your home; all those extra z’s that we can gain as a benefit of unlocking the amazing power of plants. This week we take a look at how you can bring the beauty of Kew Gardens into your home with some of Kew Gardens’ beauty and self-care range — available to buy in our shop now.

Kew Gardens is open and are excited to welcome back explorers of all ages; however, if you do not want to make the trip and you’d rather keep cosey and safe in your home, then here are some ways that we can bring Kew Gardens to you.

Kew Gardens Beauty Range
Photo credit: Alisa Anton

Kew Gardens Beauty Range is inspired by the fragrance and beauty of its vast collection of plants, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and unwind, as you indulge in some well-deserved me-time.


Indulge in the Kew Gardens hand cream.

It is essential to keep your hands well looked after, especially right now, when you will likely be washing your hands much more often than those pre-pandemic days. The luxurious Kew Gardens hand cream is a glorious slice of indulgence to help keep your hands well moisturised, super soft and smelling divine.

Available in Pineapple & Pink Lotus, Magnolia & Pear, and Elderflower & Pomelo.

Kew Gardens Beauty Range

Lather up with Kew Gardens soap bars.

The fragrance of each luxurious pure vegetable soap bar is wonderfully uplifting and will leave your skin cleansed and wonderfully nourished. The silky moisturising and fragrant soaps come in beautiful wrapping with images from Kew’s historic archive, you almost don’t want to unwrap this beauty!

Available in Rose Osmanthus, Jasmine & Peach, Elderflower & Pomelo, Pineapple & Pink Lotus, and Magnolia & Pear.

Kew Gardens Beauty Range

Pamper yourself with a candle or diffuser.

Let the gorgeous aroma of the Kew diffusers or candles relax and transport you to a happy place, with the fragrances inspired by Kew’s collection of living plants, you can almost imagine you are there.

The ceramic candles will give you a 60-hour burn time, the tin candle a 40-hour burn and the diffusers will give you a 4-5 months diffusion time depending on the environment used in.

Available in Freesia & Pear Diffuser, Freesia & Pear Ceramic Candle, Wild Fig Diffuser, Wild Fig Ceramic Candle and Wild Fig Tin Candle.

Kew Gardens Beauty Range

So sit back, relax… and breath in the diverse scents of the Kew Gardens Beauty Range.

Kew Gardens Beauty Range
Photo credit: Victor Garcia


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