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jazz up your home space

6 Inexpensive ways to jazz up your home space

 Are you looking to spruce up your home space for a small budget and with little time to spare?

As most of us are spending significantly more time at home than ever, making sure our home space is our oasis – is essential. Transforming your house doesn’t necessarily require grand renovation; sometimes all you have to do is to get a little creative! Here are some tips for inexpensive ways to jazz up your home…

1. Rearrange your living room.

The living room is the space where for most of us life happens – it might be where you are working from home or where you and your other half spend hours binge-watching Netflix; it’s a room where the whole family can gather around, watch TV, have dinner, play games. It’s a can be a cosy corner where it’s just you and your book. So, even changing the slightest detail of your living room, such as placing some additional plants, buy a new print for the wall or simply switching the angle of your coffee table – can make a huge difference. Try it!

2. Update your tableware.

Getting tired of looking at the same tableware whilst working from home and eating 3 meals a day with coffee or tea breaks? Have a refresh with some of our brand new homeware . Whether it’s an addition to your tea or coffee cups, wall art, or something more extravagant. Home accessories are there to change the vibe of your home space.

jazz up your home space tea party

3. Go through your stored away pieces.

If you have a loft or garage that’s full of all sorts including china or glass, paintings/prints or old books and toys, take time to go have a sort out. Clear your mind and some space and you might be surprised by the treasures you find. Take a peek in storage—and if you have kids, why not let them help and you can share some of the memories with them.  Trends often come back, so the “outdated” furniture or accessories you once relegated to the loft may actually be back in fashion. It may be time to dust them off and work them back into your decor to jazz up your home space.

4. Introduce some mood lighting.

Room lighting has more impact than you think. If you haven’t paid attention to it thus far, do it now and think of how it makes you feel. Sometimes dimming the lights and leaving only a few candles on – can do wonders. Or be more adventurous and purchase a Himalayan salt lamp – is not only creates a cosy atmosphere but also has a number of health benefits.

5. Organise your kitchen cupboards.

If your cupboards or countertop are looking a little cluttered, it’s time to get a little organised. Go through draws and cupboards think about what you use all the time.  Make sure these are easy to find, storage boxes are great for keeping everything organised, whether it be in draws or cupboards.  Getting organised will clear your mind and lift your spirits and when completed its time for a sit down with a cup of tea and know that you have had a productive day.

6. Update your Sofa

No – you don’t have to buy a new sofa! If you have a colourful throw whether it be lighter in weight or something thicker as we go into winter or just add a cushion to brighten up your sofa. Check out our super soft and cosy One Hundred Stars velvet cushion (conveniently – on sale!).  There is nothing better after a busy day relaxing on the sofa with your head on a soft feather filled cushion and a cosy throw over you watching TV – Enjoy x

jazz up home home space decorative cushions jazz up home home space decorative cushions

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