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Father’s Day Gifts for Cool Dads > June 12, 2015

To celebrate Father’s Day – we offer Free P&P on our top favourite Father’s Day gifts. Use Promo Code : daddy while checking out.

This special summer day of the year, keep your dad sweet and buy him treats outside the big box. Our Father’s Day gifts are funny, thoughtful and unusual for daddies with cool taste.

Just take a look!

Make a statement with the Carnival Lights Letters and the slightly smaller Fairground Letters – The letter arrangements you can have are endless!

Father's Day Gifts - Carnival Letters

Father’s Day Gifts – Carnival Letters

We have some really cool mugs from Catherine Colebrook for daddies with a great sense of humour.

You can’t beat a nice cup of vodka mug and you can’t beat a nice cup of wine mug are made in the UK from fine bone china.

For the fathers who love gimmick accessories we have two really special gifts: The smartphone projector 2.0 is an amazing gadget that turns the living room into a mini cinema and the USB charged bottle lights are a brilliant idea as an alternative to candles.

Smartphone Projector for smart daddies

Smartphone Projector for smart daddies


For the dog owners or the wild animal lovers here are a few cool gift ideas that will make your dad smile.

Boston Terrier Print by Ros Shiers

Boston Terrier Print by Ros Shiers

Ros Shiers Dog Prints

Ros Shiers Dog Prints

We have a good selection of different dog portraits from this series – you may also be interested in Paul the Miniature Poodle, Wilfred the Basset Hound or Ziggy the Jack Russell – be sure to view the entire selection in the Wall Art section of our webshop.

We also have Mr Spaniel Mug from the same range by Magpie Pooches for the Spaniel owners.

The Moustache Doormat has been a a very popular gift for fathers with or without moustaches!

This stylish paper plane oyster holder is a lovely small gift for daddies who take the tube or the bus to work.

The Drinks Monitor Badge by Wild & Wolf will bring memories to your daddy from wild parties back in school times.

Old School Drinks Monitor Badge

Old School Drinks Monitor Badge

For more unique gift ideas check our online shop or visit our Lifestyle boutiques in Spitalfields and South Woodford.

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