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4 carrot recipes

Carrots four ways: 4 non-boring carrot recipes

Carrots must be one of the most underappreciated seasonal vegetables there is! It’s time to change it with some delicious carrot recipes!

But first…

Some people think of carrots as the ultimate health food, while generations of parents have told their children that eating carrots will help them see in the dark. Is this true? What other benefits may carrots have?

Carrots are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are also a good source of antioxidants.

Below are some ways in which carrots can support health.

  • Vision.

Can carrots help you see in the dark? In a way, yes.

Carrots contain vitamin A, and a vitamin A deficiency may result in progressive eye disease. It causes night blindness or difficulty seeing when levels of light are low. A lack of vitamin A is one of the main preventable causes of blindness in children.

So, in a way, carrots can help you see in the dark.

  • Cancer.

Scientists have given us another reason to eat carrots – a compound found in the popular root vegetable has been found to have an effect on the development of cancer. You can read more about it in the article including the University of Newcastle research here.

  • Digestive Health.

A medium carrot contains 1.7 g of fiber, or between 5% and 7.6% of a person’s daily needs. Meanwhile, 1 cup of chopped carrots provides 3.58 g of fiber and high-fiber foods are known to promote gut health.

Here are 4 non-boring carrot recipes:

  1. Gingery Glazed Carrots

carrot recipes

Can be served as a heart-warming side dish or as a little snack – these gingery glazed carrots are easy to make and healthy & delicious to eat. All you’ll need is…

5 carrots  – 2cm-piece ginger  – Fresh thyme  – 2 cups vegetable stock  –  4 tablespoons butter  –  3 tablespoons sugar  –  Salt & pepper  –  1/2 teaspoons cornstarch   –  1 teaspoon lemon juice,

You can find their recipe here…

2. Roasted squash and carrot soup

This vegan recipe is not just a regular blended carrot and pumpkin soup recipe! This time – roast the squash, which concentrates and deepens its flavour, but instead of roasting the carrots as well, we juice them and use the juice in place of water, giving the soup the proper texture and plenty of bright, fresh carrot flavour.

Full recipe and ingredients can be found here.

3. Easy vegetable pancakes

One of the most fun carrot recipes on our list is these easy to make vegetable pancakes. What do you do when your child refuses to eat vegetables? Make pancakes. What do you do when you want to surprise your hubby with a cute treat in the morning? Make pancakes! What do you do when you feel nostalgic? MAKE PANCAKES!

You can find a healthy yet delicious vegetable packages recipe here. 

4. Moroccan Style Carrot dip

And for the last of the carrot recipes, we’d like to share with you something more exotic. Here’s how you can make a spontaneous Moroccan style carrot dip! 


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