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vegan diet

Vegan diet: a science, a duty or a treat?

These days, stating that you are leading a vegan diet can result in a political debate.

To avoid getting into a heated debate or offending anyone – we want to let you know that we support each individual choices that our lovely customers make. That being said, a vegan diet is becoming a big part of our daily lives, whether it would be your choice to eat only plant-based food, having a friend who strongly believes in veganism or constantly seeing online topic-related debates.

So, what is a vegan diet to you: a science, a duty or a treat?

A plant-based diet is something that requires more attention than our regular eating habits, but over time the ‘science’ of it has become more accessible to a wider audience.  The truth is that vegans do need to supervise their nutrient intake, maximise their protein sources and on top of it, have to spend a significant time planning their meals and look for the most ethically-sourced options to buy.

But… shouldn’t we all be doing that, whether being vegans or not? We all know the saying ‘you are what you eat‘ – so why not make sure that we eat only what will make us feel great? Once you get a hang of it, you might find that spending that extra time planning your meals is more fun than you thought it would be!

However, there’s another approach to a vegan diet. The strong believers are on a mission to convince the rest of the world that it is our moral duty. Animal cruelty is something we don’t support and we are ‘all fours’ an animal cruelty-free future! But is it the right approach to try to ‘convert’ someone by convincing them it is their duty? We’ll leave that as an open question.

We would rather choose to look at a vegan diet as a treat! 

What could be better than nurturing your body with fresh ingredients full of life and energy? We know what would…  also make it deliciously scrumptious!

It’s true that the healthiest option is not always the tastiest one. But now you don’t have to choose between healthy and tasty anymore – if you follow these amazing, easy to make, totally animal cruelty-free dessert recipes!

Borrowed from the unofficially titled ‘vegan bible’ released by LEON – “Fast Vegan”, written by Rebecca Seal, Chantal Symons & John Vincent – we present you our top 3 recipes of vegan treats…

1.Vegan chocolate brownie cakes 

Who doesn’t like a good old chocolate brownie? Or would have thought that one day, we would find a vegan version? The trick is to substitute the egg with a mixture of flaxseeds that will bind it all together. Try it – it’s rich, delicious and very chocolaty, this old-time favourite recipe with a twist with definitely become one of your top 3 vegan treats.
vegan diet chocolate brownie cakesVegan diet chocolate brownie cakes

2. Meringue Mess

This one is for someone who’s really up for a challenge… If you’re not familiar with aquafaba, read more about it here

and come back to this recipe later.  Don’t forget to thank us once you blow everyone away at the dinner table with these luxurious vegan meringues!

vegan diet meringue mess

3. Ice Cream Milkshakes

And the last recipe takes us back to basics. Thanks to all of the healthy milk substitutes available now we can enjoy our guilty pleasure with a little bit less guilt… Vegan milkshakes are the new trend and banana ice cream milkshake is the ultimate treat, whether you’re ten, or fifty.

vegan diet milkshake


If you have been inspired to follow a vegan diet outside your own kitchen – this “Veggie & Vegan London” book is the perfect guide for you to find the best spots in town,  for some delicious plant-based food. Pick up a copy from our South Woodford store.


vegan diet

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