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the joys of indian summer

The joys of an Indian Summer and how to make the most of it

In a way, the joys of an Indian Summer are more exciting than the Summer itself… Why? Because it lasts only a few days or weeks – so you need to make the most of it!

So, what are the joys of an Indian Summer, and what is it exactly, and where does the name ” Indian Summer” come from? The first time this was used in the UK was in 1916 when the first publication of Met Office described it as ’a warm, calm spell of weather occurring in autumn, especially in October and November.’ Over the years, the patterns have changed, only a few days ago, in the middle of September we were gifted with a scorching 30°C! But the origins of this event remain the same – mysterious and slightly confusing, to say the least.

One version is that Indian Summer comes from colonial times when Britain ruled India. Another theory claims that it goes as far as Native American heritage. Presumably, American Indians used mild autumnal weather to hunt and forage later in the day to build up winter food stocks. We will leave you to choose the story to believe, we have been inspired by the Native Americans and made a list of activities for you to enjoy and to fully experience the joys of this years Indian Summer.

  1. Have one last picnic

Who doesn’t love a picnic with your friends or family? September might be your last chance to take your little ones to the park for the whole day, grab a ball and play some grass volleyball or football with your friends, or simply pop a bottle of prosecco into your picnic bag and enjoy it with your girlfriends. Jazz it up with some rainbow gin glasses and raise a glass to the summer of 2020 and what a rollercoaster Summer it has been!

joys of indian summer rainbow gin glasses

        2. Take a road trip.

Enjoy a stroll along the beach before the weather turns. Take a road or train trip to some of the places you didn’t get to visit in the traditional summer months. It’s likely to be less busy and you can enjoy the area and scenery without the crowds. Depending on where you live, here are some ideas for a day trip:

  • Bournemouth – beautiful beaches and less crowded than peak season;
  • Surrey forest – an amazing day out for people who love long walks and nature;
  • Cambridge or Oxford – two historic cities perfect for some cultural indulgence and punting;
  • Whitstable – a traditional seaside town with the best oysters around.
  • Epping Forest – we had to include another forest as this is our local one.  Epping forest starts at the edges of Hackney and goes as far as Epping and beyond.

      3. Water Sports.

A lot of people have discovered their passion for kayaking this year after Lidl released their inflatable £40 kayaks! Whether you were one of the lucky ones who managed to grab one, kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing or any other type of water sports has seen a huge uplift! Check out the canals around you and take your kayak out for the day. Alternatively, consider visiting local boat clubs, a white water rafting centre or The Wave.

     4. Visit your local Lido.

There is nothing like one last dip in the water – Lidos are the ultimate Summer vibe spot that you can easily enjoy without travelling far or spending a fortune. Grab your tote bag, fill it up with Summer essentials such as shades, a good book, sun cream and a reusable water bottleand go enjoy the sun and some pool action!

water bottles joys of Indian Summer

             5. BBQ time!

The last but not least favourite of the joys of Indian Summer is a good old British BBQ! There’s something about that smell of fire and the excitement of preparing food outside that makes us tick! Before you get too excited, make sure to comply with all the secure government social distancing regulations at the time. Otherwise – an Indian Summer BBQ sounds like a great finish to the unprecedented Summer 2020.





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