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Cobalt Ribbed Glass Candlestick

Cobalt Ribbed Glass Candlestick - Buy Online UK

Three Poodles Extra Long Matches


The Three Poodles Extra Long Matches – Wow! what’s not to love about these?  Inspired by a vintage matchbox label this updated version was designed by the very talented Charlotte Farmer.  Working in collaboration with Archivist and their love of poodles among other things we bring you some fab new designs.

The extra large matchbox looks lovely displayed on a fireplace, shelf or sideboard.  Keep them on had to light the fire, wood burner or candle, whilst adding a touch of fun to your home.  The box would be the perfect size to recycle and use for paperwork, cards or even jewellery and keepsakes.  There are 150 of matches in orange, yellow and pink and they are  28cm long (that’s nearly 12 inches!)

They also make a fun gift for christmas, new home or birthday.  We also have other matches which are in smaller boxes and a glass bottle.

Size: 300 x 190 x 60mm

Made in the UK

Brand: Archivist as a brand have a bit of an obsession with poodles as you can see.  And matches too for that matter.

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