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Square Silk Scarf Horse & Carriages

Square Silk Scarf Horse & Carriages - For Sale Online UK

The Mindfulness Journal


The Mindfulness Journal helps you in your first steps towards mindfulness with easy exercises that can be carried out wherever you are.

Practice on the train or tube, sitting at your desk wherever that may be or at the supermarket. Mindfulness Journal can help you become calmer, more focused and peaceful in the very busy lives we all lead. Whether it be working long hours and not having enough time for yourself or to see friends or raising a family. The mindfulness journal can help you deal with other challenges and stress more effectively.

Mindfulness is about being in the now and learning to notice everything about yourself from all parts of your body to the environment around you.

It’s about noticing everything at the moment, with beautifully illustrated pages with sections for notes to record your thoughts. The paperback is perfect to keep with you at all times whether it be for inspiration, note-taking or exercises.

Published by Pan Macmillan

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