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Remote Control Dinner Candles – Set Of 2


Gold Heart Padlock Necklace

Gold heart padlock necklace - buy online with free delivery

Lavender Pillow Spray from Wanderflower


The Lavender Pillow Spray from Wanderflower will help you create a relaxing atmosphere and soothe your senses. Made with essential oils, the spray has a deeply relaxing effect that has been proven to improve sleep quality. Simply mist before you go to bed and enjoy the calming scent of natural lavender.

This lovely Aromatherapy mist with Lavender makes a thoughtful gift that is great for many different occasions.

For those who have a problem falling asleep, the space eye masks combined with the Lavender mist will help.

Made of: Lavender Essential Oil

Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free – Packaged in a pretty Wanderflower package.

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