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Frida Kahlo Tins Set of 2


Embrace the enchanted and artful world of Frida Kahlo with these popular Frida Kahlo tins.

Branded like vintage soup and coffee jars, these Frida Kahlo tins are bright, colourful and full of flowers famed by the self-portraits of the Mexican artist.

Feel inspired every day with these colourful Frida Kahlo tins, ideal to use around the home as plant pots, storage for small items or simply as display items. They are fun, bright and practical too.

The Frida Kahlo tins come as a pair, with a larger and a smaller one. Choose between three fantastic colours combination (purple and orange, red and yellow and teal and green) or collect them all for the ultimate Frida Kahlo display.

Size: small 12cm D 9cm height
large 20cm D 12cm height
Material : Metal


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