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Dried Flowers Bouquet in Bell Jar - Buy Online UK

Dried Flowers Bouquet in Bell Jar


Dried Yellow Roses in Glass Tube

Dried Yellow Roses in Glass Tube - Buy Online UK

Dried Roses in Glass Bottle


These beautiful dried roses stored in glass bottle from Plantophile will add a touch or rustic charm to any room. This will look great to your book selves or mix and match with more dried flowers in glass bottles for a unique floral display to your home.

The dried roses in glass tube would also make the perfect gift as it will last a lifetime.

We also stock dried yellow roses in a glass bottle from the Plantophile range.

Plantophile launched in the Summer of 2018, bringing their experience and passion of the green sector together with high-end homeware.

Material: Glass, Cork.

Flower : Rosa Polyantha in Rich Burgundy
Size: Height 21 cm
Brand: Plantophile

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