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Archivist Parrot Matches - Buy Online UK

Archivist Parrot Matches


Archivist Birdy Matches

Archivist Birdy Matches - Buy Online UK

Chasing Big Cats Matches


The Chasing Big Cats Matches are not only colourful and fun but practical too.  As we head into winter, we want to feel cosy and warm, whether that’s lighting the fire or a candle. This stunningly designed box by the talented Charlotte Farmer contains 125 matches. Each match is 10xm long making them practical too.

Archivist has teamed up with Charlotte Farmer a cat loving, cardigan wearing, coffee drinking illustrator.  She is one of their favourite collaborations to date. Not only is she vibrant, and dynamic but a little bit bonkers too,  so a perfect match with Archivist.

The box has been printed using a vintage windmill press with gold detailing for extra elegance. Making fun and colourful practical gifts for any occasion.

The size of the box is 110 x 50 mm.  Each matchstick is 100mm long. and there are 125 of them.

Brand: Archivist

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