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Bubble Candle Holder in Pink and Blue - Buy Online UK

Pink & Blue Bubble Candle Holder


Tulle Skirt Denim Blue

Tulle Skirt Denim Blue - Buy Online UK

Aery Before Sleep Bath Salts


Aery Before Sleep bath salts for mind, body, and soul.  This smells amazing with Lavender and cedar which helps promote better sleep.  Mix this with Himalayan and Epsom Salts and you are in for a relaxing treat. Known to relieve anxiety and stress, bath salts have anti-inflammatory properties and have a calming effect.

Carefully selected perfumes and essential oils mixed with up to 84 minerals in the bath salts. They can also help circulation, so why not give bath salts a try.  Bath time will never be the same.  Also includes British grown native dried flowers

Weight: 500g

Vegan and Cruelty-free

Made in England

Recyclable  packaging

98% Plastic-free

Shipped from our supplier using carbon-neutral transport and shipped from us to you using the same.


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