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“New Year New Me”: positive thoughts for a mindful January

Are positive thoughts part of your New Years’ resolution?

If not why not? Here are some of the reasons why you should consider paying more attention to your positive thoughts and make ‘Mindfulness part of your daily regime!

2020 has shown us that some things are out of our control. Plans get cancelled, career paths change and your daily routine can be subject to change. However, there is one thing that we’re in total control of and that is our thoughts. So, why not make positive thoughts your number one priority?

Gaining control of your thoughts is not as easy as it sounds, but not to worry we’ve got some tips to get you started. The secret to adopting any new skill is consistency, so doing these few simple practices daily will do the job and you’ll find yourself inviting positive thoughts more often than you used to.

1. Quiet the little voice inside

We might not notice but we all have a voice inside our minds, narrating every step of our lives. It’s important to understand that we are not that voice. To separate yourself from it – simply address it. Whenever you can say ‘hello there’ in your mind. Try to maintain that focus on noticing what your inner voice is saying, sometimes it isn’t always positive.

2. Take control over your inner narrator

Once you familiarise yourself with your inner narrator, you can start controlling it. It’s easy to get negative when there’s so much going on in the world right now. Start with small steps – if you feel like your mind is throwing negative thoughts at you, try to acknowledge it and consciously change them into positive thoughts. There’s always a bright side in any situation. There’s always hope.

3. Write down your thoughts

A good way of gaining control of your mind and inviting more positive thoughts is writing them down. A great practice is starting a gratitude journal, start your day by writing down ten things you’re grateful for and why. This will not only help you to look at the world from a different perspective but also opens your life to more things to be grateful for.

4. Meditate

Meditation is great for quietening your mind and getting into the flow of your presence. Many see meditation as sitting in a candle-lit room with some chanting in the background and exotic incense in the air. Whereas the idea of it is nice, the reality is that there are many more ways to get yourself into a meditative state. For some, it is running, indulging in a hobby, walking the dog, or playing with their children. Do more of whatever makes you happy!

5. Share kindness

Nothing is as contagious as kindness. Doing good for someone else, the environment or being kind to yourself is the direct source of positivity. Start with one good deed a day! You’ll see – by the end of mindful January, you won’t be able to stop!

So, tune into your inner narrator and make friends with it! Here are a few things from Source that we think could help…

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