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More than a lifestyle gifts boutique

Hello to our lovely Source community!



Considering everything that has been going on lately, we’ve had some time to think not only about the new ideas for the store and our customers but also dive deeper into our foundations of what Source is all about. We’ve reached a unanimous decision which is source is more than a lifestyle gifts boutique. And we’d like to share it with you!

We still stay strong behind the idea that thoughtful, sweet and sometimes quirky gifts bring people together. Whether it’s a sign of affection, a gesture of care, or a moment of self-love. Who wouldn’t like our cute animal plant pots, a funny bath mat or scented candles? But we’d also like to share with you our mission, vision and our values, so you know what we stand for.

Our mission…

is to build a mindful and creative community by bringing everyone together with smart and original gifts.

Our vision…

is to be the place to go to when you don’t exactly know what you want – but always know that you’ll leave with something you exactly wanted.

Our values…

are community, creativity, personality, honesty, generosity, youthfulness, kindness, sense of humour and gratitude to all of our amazing customers that have kept us going whether they be new to source or have shopped with us for up to 18 years!

lifestyle gifts boutique values

Why we’re more than a lifestyle gifts boutique

So, less talking – more doing! To show you that we’re not just an amazing lifestyle gift boutique, we’ll be more engaged in the topics relevant to you – our present and future customers. We’ll ask you questions and, more importantly, listen. We’ll write about the things that you care about in our weekly blogs, sharing tips, ideas, recipes, best London Source deals, and special offers we are promoting.

Also, keep an eye on our social media profiles for some motivation, fun competitions, and daily updates on life here at Source Lifestyle in South Woodford East London!

Stay tuned and stay safe x

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