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lessons learned from summer 2020

Lessons learnt from Summer 2020

Lessons learnt from Summer 2020 by Source Lifestyle

What lessons have you learnt from Summer 2020?

It’s official – the Summer calendar is counting down the days. As much as the end of summer is never a thing we look forward to – this year there are some mixed feelings involved… We’re looking forward to what the new winds of Autumn will bring (better times for us all we hope). But there has definitely been some lessons learnt from Summer 2020 and we’d like to share them with you!

  1. How to surrender with grace. 

If you’ve had your holiday cancelled this Summer – raise your hand. Woman Raising Hand Emoji (U+1F64B, U+200D, U+2640, U+FE0F) If you had plans to move house, change your career or simply carrying on with your daily routine, you most definitely had to go through some tough times of letting it all go. We’re there with you, as much as it all sucks – let’s be honest – it has all taught us how to surrender with grace. we can’t do much about it, only accept the change and try to make the most of it, even though it doesn’t seem like it has many positive sides at first.  Firstly we panicked, but then – we’ve adapted. There will be other holidays; lots of us have spent more time at home and have decided to make it more homely or give it a refresh. Instead of changing career, spend time learning a new skill or skills; most importantly, create a new daily routine that makes you happy! Writing a journal is one of the new things that we’ve discovered – and we love it!


Lessons learnt from Summer 2020 Journals

     2. Practising self-care and appreciating your health. 

We’ve learned a new affirmation during this summer: “I’m grateful for my health”. It’s simple as that – it’s easy to forget how lucky we are that we’re healthy… until we’re not. This summer has definitely shown us that health is a fragile thing and we should appreciate it much more while making sure to maintain it.  After all these years, we’ve finally got ourselves into jogging, walking the dogs more and an occasional morning yoga session and some Joe Wicks action, if your feeling energetic. The challenge is to keep up with it – Autumn winds and cloudy days shouldn’t be an excuse to let yourself go. If you’re looking for some yoga motivation, check out our 30-day yoga challenge.

lessons learnt from summer 2020 30 day yoga challenge cards

       3. How to save money and the environment. 

One of the perks of missing out on a holiday is all the money you have saved. In addition, all the travelling restrictions and instructions for staying at home has cut out a lot of transport expenses. On top of it all, preparing for the unknown is definitely motivation enough to save every money. And even if you do feel that you deserve a treat and shop online or your local shops – be sure to buy good quality, sustainable products that will last. Changing shopping habits has seen a huge shift as we all try and do more for the environment by purchasing good quality products not only saves you money in the long run but also much better for the environment. It’s one of the top lessons learnt from Summer 2020.

     4. How to creatively use your space. 

Finally, we’ve learnt that a small 1m2 garden can turn into an oasis, a studio can be transformed into a meditation centre, bedroom and office space all at once, and that your tiny living room can stretch so far as to accommodate two of you working from home. It’s all about being creative and the key is in the details. Home interior design and decor is a new hobby discovered by many. If you’re one of those who got ‘the bug’, head to our homeware categories and get inspired!


These are some of our lessons learnt from summer 2020. Share with us your experience!

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