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Festive activities to do at home

5 Festive activities to do at home

Struggle to think of festive activities to do at home?

Due to the current global situation, Christmas this year will be different, but in a way the same. Christmas is all about kindness and being with your loved ones. Although we’re restricted to travel and spend time with our family and friends… Even a day or two, if spent right – can fill the heart with love for the whole year. So, here’s a list of 5 festive activities to do at home.

1. Solve a jigsaw puzzle

Whether you’re alone, with a partner or with your family – jigsaw is a great way to spend your Christmas Day. Put on your favourite movie, pour a large glass of wine and get stuck in!

2. Mix some Christmas cocktails

We all know that Christmas is the time to be kind and all that, but we also know that during the festive period we probably consume as much alcohol as during the rest of the year! So, since the fact is finally acknowledged – why don’t we make sure to get down all that alcohol in style? Use the almighty internet and search for some festive cocktail recipes – or get creative and mix your own! Either way, make sure to serve it in style… And we can help you with that!

3. Read a Christmas Tale

This activity is more for a family gathering, but if you spend this Christmas alone – reading a feel-good book can be a great way to spend your day, too!

4. Watch a Christmas movie

Lockdown or not – we all know that, inevitably, at least 50% of holiday season consists of the time spent watching TV. While good old baking shows, concerts and other programmes, shown by our national TV, usually do their job by keeping the festive spirit up… It is essential to have your top Christmas movies’ list ready! Here’s ours, in no particular order…

*Love Actually ;

*Let It Snow ;

  • It’s A Wonderful Life;
5. Go for a walk

Finally, when the puzzles are solved, movies watched and the alcohol is finished – there’s nothing else like a crisp Christmas walk. It’s always nice to have a long walk in a forest, full of snow… It might be just wishful thinking but we know that anything can happen on Christmas!

Enjoy the holiday season and make the best out of it with the list of these festive activities to do at home!

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