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Image source: Jonny Caspari

The Poinsettia is to Christmas what the Pumpkin is to Halloween

Today is International Poinsettia Day, a day that marks the death of a man named Joel Roberts Poinsett. Poinsett was a US diplomat who was stationed in glorious Mexico and played a vital role in introducing the beautiful poinsettia plant to the US in 1828. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The introduction of the poinsettia to the US began a chain of events that eventually saw this plant popular in households all over Europe. As with pumpkins at Halloween, the cheery star-shaped houseplant has become synonymous with Christmas to help make your homes wonderfully fun and festive.

Image credit: Mick Haupt

As we approach the middle of December, we see the Christmas Day countdown well and truly underway. Look around during this festive period, and you’ll find it hard to miss these red and green floral treasures. They’re easy to nurture and fare best with warmth and light, and they tend to deteriorate when they come in contact with a draft so choose a location wisely.

These beauties are fantastic for decorating during the Christmas season, and they’re eco-friendly too! These festive plants should be complemented with a plant pot with just as much personality, and we have a lovely selection for you.

Pots for your Poinsettias

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