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Best Scented Candles UK – our top picks! > June 6, 2015

Best Scented Candles UK – There’s no light quite as romantic as the warm glow from flickering candles and combined with this with a heavenly scent it’s no wonder that we’re often asked what are the best scented candles?

There are so many scented candles available, so the team at Source Lifestyle has done the selecting for you. Our scented candle collection is chosen with a few choice parameters in mind, natural vegetable wax – almost all of the candles we stock are made from 100% soy wax – this gives a nice long and clean burning time. Our candles are scented using natural fragrance and where possible the containers and packaging use recycled materials.

Now all you have to do is pick your favourite fragrance from our top picks –  best scented candles UK. First up, the Kew Botanicals Candles range will have your house smelling sweeter than the garden, fragrances base on the live plants at Kew Gardens and elegantly packaged. Temerity Jones scented candles mix flower fragrance with delectable spices for a heady mix. Our Noctua votive candles are scented with gorgeous Mediterranean fragrances – French Hyacinth, Egyptian Fig and Damson and Jasmine for the scent of Provence.

1. best scented candles UK – Kew Botanicals Candles
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Best Scented Candles UK - Kew Botanicals Candles by Canova, buy online £20

Kew Botanicals Candles

Choose from Damson and Jasmine, Watermelon, Pomegranate and Freesia & Pear – all are made from 100% Soy wax with natural fragrance with a burning time of 60 hours! A great gift idea at just £20 when you buy online.

Best Scented Candles UK, Kew Botanicals Candles by Canova buy online UK

4 Fragrances of Kew Botanicals Candles by Canova

2. best scented candles UK – Temerity Jones fragrant candles
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Best Scented Candles UK - Temerity Jones Candles buy online £9.50

Temerity Jones Candles – Wild Rose & Cashmere just £9.50

Temerity Jones candles are made from 100% soy wax, with natural fragrance at just £9.50

Best Scented Candles UK - Temerity Jones Candles buy online £9.50

Temerity Jones Candles buy online £9.50 Pear Drop and Gingerlily

3. best scented candles UK – Noctua Owl Votive Candles
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Best Scented Candles UK - Noctua French Hyacinth buy online UK

Noctua French Hyacinth Votive candle

The Noctua Egyptian fig fragrance has a warm and delicate Mediterranean scent, hand poured using vegetarian – 100% soy wax with a natural fragrance, which will burn for circa 35 hours, then the owl glass container can still be used as a votive or tea light holder.

Best Scented Candles UK - Egyptian Fig Scented Candle by Noctua - £13.50

Egyptian Fig Scented Candle by Noctua – £13.50


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