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working from home tips

Back to work: 5 working from home tips

Working from home tips

For some it’s back to school; for others, it’s back to work which means back to reality and some sort of normality. For many of you, this will involve working from home.  To make the transition easier, we’ve compiled a list of working from home tips for you!

With the temperature falling, it feels like summer is over and Autumn is on its way. It’s time to pack away your summer dresses ready for next year and make some room for jumpers and dare we say it wellies. Most importantly it means an end to lie-ins for some, it’s already getting darker much earlier.

We are now in the next phase of the new normal. Schools are back which means for some there will be no more Zoom meetings where your little one runs into the room and steals the show; no more presentation preparations and toy theatres. Back to school means adult food, timekeeping, focus and time for yourself.

Here are 5 working from home tips for you to ease back into action and keep things under control:

  1. Set and stick to a routine. 

If you have kids, you’ve probably mastered this already – but setting and keeping to a routine is the key to a successful, stress-free life. First, it frees up your busy brain from constantly thinking.  Be sure to set yourself goals that are achievable, start the morning with exercise or meditation.  Stop for lunch even if its enough time to read a couple of pages of your favourite book,  But if you’re really determined, why not join the 5AM club, introduced by Robin Sharma.

  1. Make a dedicated workspace.

It’s easy to get lost in the comfort of your own home and work everywhere: in bed, on the couch in front of the TV, at your dining table, and in warmer times –  the garden. We know – this freedom of WFH is liberating but the truth is that having your dedicated workspace is a must, whether it would be in your home or the office. It doesn’t have to be a separate room – it can be your dining table, but make sure you have a comfortable chair, add some greenery with a plant pot put then whatever stationery, pens, laptop etc you need around you to ensure a productive day as this is now the place where you come to work.  Ross, the pet planter is actively looking for a friend. Find him here plus more home decor ideas in our homeware collection. 

ross pet planter working from home tips

         3. Give yourself a break. 

Have you heard about the state of flow? That’s when you’re 100% focused on whatever you’re doing. It can last from minutes to even hours and that’s when your productivity skyrockets. If you feel like you’re ‘in the zone’ – then put off heading for the kitchen for a snack and work through it. However, to get to this state, you need to be in your best shape. This means getting enough sleep and taking a break during your workday. Instead of multitasking and sitting in front of your laptop for 8 hours straight – do short 45min intervals of proper work and take quick breaks in between to rest your eyes and stretch your legs.

         4. Set boundaries.

If you’re home alone – this challenge is easier,  all you have to set boundaries for is yourself. But if your other half is also working from home or you have an incredibly needy pet – be prepared. This might be one of the most important working from home tips. Keep getting distracted by someone else in your space can completely ruin your productive day. Make it clear that you are working on a schedule and which hours you are available. We know that your pet is smart, but probably not smart enough to understand the clock – so how do you set boundaries for your pet? Here’s a great article.

       5. Be kind to yourself.

Finally – be kind to yourself. Working from home might not be as easy as you first thought and it took you by surprise, didn’t it? Balancing your personal life, career, family, friends and time alone for yourself – all in one space is challenging. The important thing is not to add stress to it by worrying about it. Take a deep breath, write down a plan and tackle it.

We hope our working from home tips help you to make your working and home life a bit easier as we head into Autumn.

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