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In 2021, 500,000 people pledged to follow a vegan diet or, in other words, to support Veganuary worldwide.

Veganuary: 4 tips to keep to a vegan diet past January

In 2021, 500,000 people pledged to follow a vegan diet or, in other words, to support Veganuary worldwide.

That is double the number of aspiring vegan diet followers than in 2019. This increasing popularity in plant-based foods is encouraging but the real question is… How many of us keep to it past January

If your goal is to try it for a month and then go back to your usual eating habits – that’s totally fine. Although if you used the New Year’s resolution to kick start a new type of lifestyle… but find it difficult to keep to it – here are some tips to keep to a vegan diet past January:

1. Explore meat and dairy substitutes

If you are completely new to a vegan world, chances are that you’ve spent a fair bit of the month ordering vegan take-aways or buying pre-cooked vegan meals from the supermarket. As a vegan, there is so much more choice and there are some amazing alternatives to meat and dairy products which are made from plants. Try ‘cheeze’ and ‘chiken’ and be ready to get your mind blown. You can cook almost any meal you would normally but using meat and dairy-free substitute.

2. Get creative

Don’t forget the good old fruit and veg! If broccoli used to be the ultimate punishment when you were a child, extended Veganuary will definitely change your relationship with this incredibly nutritious source of protein. Its cousin cauliflower can even be turned into a wholesome Christmas roast or a steak!

3. Embrace different cuisines

British cuisine isn’t very vegan-friendly, traditionally most meals would include meat or some other animal product. The good news is that we live in a big wide world and cuisines from other countries are much more welcoming to vegetables in their meals. For example, Thai and Indian cuisines have a wide range of vegetarian curries that can be prepared to your taste – spicy, mild or sweet; creamy (using coconut milk) or dry. Typically these would be eaten with rice, bread or naan. The secret of vegetarian dishes’ is the spices! Experiment with exotic spices and discover new flavours all year round!

4. Be kind to yourself

Most importantly – be kind to yourself. If you have a moment of weakness and sprinkle some real cheese on your Quorn mince bolognese, it’s all good. Even if you substitute only a couple of animal products with dairy and meat-free options, you play a little part in reducing animal cruelty and helping the environment. Most important is to look after your health and listen to what your body tells you!

Eat healthy and stay safe! X

P.S. If you want to go beyond a vegan diet and try to aim for a vegan lifestyle, here are some products from our catalogue that are cruelty-free!

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